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Hi there,
I’m Jaimee Maree

My goal is to help you create the lifestyle you want and build a business you love by giving you tools you can start using immediately to improve your business. You spend your time helping people get fit and healthy and it’s about time someone had your back. A born and raised Melbourne girl with a love for sport and fitness and nothing more than passion, my laptop and big dreams, I’ve created a 6 figure business from scratch. The day I focused on being coached by the best and learning the skill of marketing, was the day my life changed.

Learning about marketing is one of THE best skills you can ever have.

No matter what industry you find yourself in, those that understand marketing, are the ones who end up on top. This is particularly important for those in the fitness industry. So many of you are responsible for generating new leads and clients every day and once you understand how to market yourself and your business, the task of building your business becomes a heck of a lot easier, and I’m here to show you how to do that.

How Can The Fitness Entourage Help You?

If you have ever wanted to grow a successful fitness business, then this site can help you. You will find heaps of great articles and videos covering topics related to generating leads and clients and building a thriving fitness business. The content on this site has heaps of information that will be essential to helping you be successful online!

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How it all began…

It all started when I was studying a double degree in Business and Marketing at University. I identified a massive shift towards digital media and how important online marketing was going to be in the future. I quickly learnt that there were no classes at Uni that were teaching online marketing the way it works in the real world. So, I decided to educate myself and have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning from the best marketers in the world. Over several years I built my online marketing business to a 6 figure business. During that time I realised how truly important education is to help you grow and succeed in business.

After working and speaking with the industries top fitness professionals, I realised that Fitness Institutes and Colleges were failing to equip trainers with real world knowledge of how to run a business and market themselves. No matter how good they were at training clients and changing people’s lives, without the skills of business and marketing they weren’t able to reach more people. If it’s one thing I’ve always been passionate about – it’s health and fitness and how people’s lives can transform when they finally reach their health and fitness goals so that’s when the business “The Fitness Entourage” was born. I realised how valuable it would be for people to have access to the knowledge I’ve attained over years of study without the need to spend thousands of dollars. I became inspired to teach fitness professionals what I know about marketing and I now spend my time creating educational programs for fitness entrepreneurs so they can learn the skills they need to be successful in growing their client base and building their business.

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