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The Best Place to Start to Create a Successful Online Fitness Program

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The goal of this training is simple… To equip you with a proven plan. To help you quickly and easily understand what you need to do and give you the step-by-step roadmap to create a successful online program. Oh, and just so you know, this is not just about making money… Although if you follow this [...]

Drop Everything Until You’ve Fixed This Marketing Problem – What My Undercover Mission Revealed

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Exclusive Membership Content So a little while ago I went undercover on a fitness business because of how badly they were following up with leads in their business. Through a third party friend of mine, I was able to see the entire process they went through when they were in search for a new [...]

Your One Thing: Are You Following Up With Warm Leads? Don’t Waste Them!

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Are You Following Up With Warm Leads? Make Sure You Don’t Waste Them Like Most Fitness Businesses Do! Here's how to make sure you convert more leads who register their interest in your business...

Turning on the tap: How to reach your perfect audience and attract unlimited leads into your fitness business

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“Get me some people… Pronto!!” That’s one of the biggest challenges that faces most fitness professionals. You need more leads and clients. You think, “If only I could get in front of more people, or have more people coming through my door, then they’d love what I have to offer”...

[Case Study] 33 new clients a month, starting from scratch…

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[Case Study] 33 new clients a month, starting from scratch... This is the one thing that’s going to make all the difference. If you want to attract leads online this will either make or break your campaign and this is what almost all fitness professionals are getting wrong.

All You Can Eat Leads: 3 Proven Steps to Attract More Leads Into Your Fitness Business

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Here’s the thing… You know your fitness business needs to be online. You understand ‘social media’ is a thing. You know you ‘should’ be blogging and I bet you’ve thrown around the idea of doing ‘videos’ as well. You’re trying to do all the “right things”… But, let me ask you a question…