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Hey, jaimeemaree here from and in this video I’m going to go over four things you need to implement to really get the best results out of Facebook advertising. A lot of people simply hit the boost post feature when advertising on Facebook and don’t get the results they really want, so I want to cover 4 things you can start to introduce into your Facebook campaigns, to help you get better results. I’ll go over as much as I can in this video, and then if you need any more help, I’ll show you where you can go to get more help if you need it. Deal?

Number 1 – Audience Insights

Make sure you do some research using audience insights – the more info you have about your potential clients, the better you can tailor your ads and the more effective they will be. To access Facebook Audience insights you simply log into your advertising account and on the left hand side you’ll see audience insights. Here you can put in heaps of information about your target audience and it will tell you a lot really useful information, you can use to improve your ads.

Number 2 – Look into using the Power Editor

A lot of users tend to create their ads by hitting the boost post feature or the ads manager and although this is okay, the power editor is where the party is really happening. (Unfortunately most people don’t know it even exists) The power editor enables you to do a heck of a lot more than the ads manager and it’s these things that make all the difference to the performance of your ad. If you aren’t using the power editor you are really missing out on the true power of Facebook ads, so make sure you look into it.

Number 3 – Custom Audiences

Custom Audience allow you to reach people that you already know with ads on Facebook. Have an email list? Yes? Good. If not. We need to talk. Having an email list is imperative. If you’ve got one, then you can upload it to Facebook and target your email subscribers directly from there. Pretty cool right? This doesn’t mean you just have to try and sell them something, but you could advertise a blog post or a video so that you keep in touch with them.
Custom audiences also allows you to retarget people who have previously visited your website. If you’ve got a website or a blog and you don’t have a retargeting pixel on there, this is your first mistake and I want you to go ahead and to this as soon as possible.
One of the most powerful aspects of Facebook advertising is that you can retarget people who have previously visited your website or blog. It generally takes 6 or 7 times for someone to see your content before they’ll buy anything from you (that’s why we see commercials on tv again, and again, again…) Repetition is key.

Number 4 – Lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences are amazing. They allow you to target Facebook users who are similar to your current Facebook fans, website visitors or email list. Facebook matches features from your current custom audience and finds people who are like them, who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer because they’re like your current fans. Really powerful stuff?

Now, at the beginning of this video I told you that I’d cover as much as I could and then if you needed any more help, I’d let you know where you can go to get it. Facebook marketing and online marketing is what we do best and we’ve created a membership area dedicated to helping fitness professionals get online and take advantage of all of these advanced marketing strategies. In here I teach you exactly how to implement all of the 4 things I’ve talked about in this video, plus I cover website marketing, video marketing, lead generation and heaps of other cool stuff as well. So if you want help with your marketing then make sure you click this link and find out more about our membership area.

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