The goal of this training is simple…

To equip you with a proven plan.

To help you quickly and easily understand what you need to do and give you the step-by-step roadmap to create a successful online program.

Oh, and just so you know, this is not just about making money…

Although if you follow this plan that will happen.

It’s about a plan that allows you to help more people and have a bigger impact, all while giving you more freedom.

The freedom to train who you want to train, from where you want while having the time to travel and do the things you really want to do.

Plus, I’m going to put you on the fast track so that you can focus on,

Exactly what you need to do,

When you need to do it…

…and not get distracted by all the other shiny objects that detract from your end goal.

One of the biggest mistakes I see fitness professionals make when it comes to creating an online program…

Is that they just create a bunch of workout videos and throw them online…

…or write programs for people without considering the entire process someone is going through when they’re trying to reach their health and fitness goals through an online program.

You have so much knowledge in your head of what it takes and this knowledge has the ability to change lives…

But unless you’re able to deliver this in a step-by-step actionable plan, you will really struggle to get results.

This is often why so many people never actually get results with online programs, which in turn effects the number of people who sign up to your program in the future.

What I’m going to share is a Framework that I’ve developed after 8 years of working with fitness professionals like you, from around the world.

It’s called The Game Plan.

This system will serve as a tremendous resource and foundation for you…

To eliminate overwhelm and stress and..

Provide you with the direction and clarity you need to start and create a successful online program.

So the first part of the game plan that I always teach my clients involves 3 steps, Community, Clients and Roadmap.

Starting with # 1. Community.

This is really about understanding who it is you want to train.

The biggest mistake fitness professionals make when they want to create their online fitness program is not truly understanding who it is they’re targeting and creating their program for.

Most people think the market they’re in, is the health and fitness market.

And whilst that is the core market…

You need to be able to go two levels deeper than this to help you find the audience you really want to work with.

Let me break this down for you so you understand what I mean exactly.

The main market you’re in is the health and fitness market.

Then the sub market underneath this could be

Nutrition, Strength Training or Weight loss.

Have a think about it, where does your expertise fit?

Now what I want to make clear…

…is that this is NOT the market you’re actually going to create your program in!

The money is not made in the submarkets.

It’s made in niching even further than this.

For example, when your core market is health and fitness, your sub market is weight loss.

Then you’ve got to niche down every further, which might be weight loss for university students.

This is then what you create your micro community about.

Or perhaps you want to niche into weight loss for female entrepreneurs or weight loss for females getting ready for their wedding day.

If your submarket is nutrition, your niche may be a low carb high fat approach for weight loss or low carb high fat for athletes.

Whatever it is for you, and where your expertise lies, this is absolutely key to the success of your online program and this is where you MUST start.

You need to decide on your niche and you need to create your own micro community so you can become a true expert in your space.

The reason this is so powerful is because…

It allows you to truly understand your audience.

You can create a following and a group of people who have a lot of the same characteristics, the same problems and challenges, that you can help them solve.

When you create a thriving community of people who are similar and can relate to other people going through your program, that’s when things start to take off and a snowball effect occurs.

So that’s your first step to success.

Figuring out what market, sub market and niche you’re in and creating a micro community to target this particular audience.

Want help figuring out what your “sub-niche” is and who this community could be for you?

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Next up, let’s take a look at…

# 2. Your Clients.

Once you’ve decided on your micro community and the niche you want to target…

These are the questions you want to answer to determine the potential success of your online program.

First up…

Is there a niche market for the type of program you want to create?

Are people interested in and do they want what you have to offer?

Are there people currently buying online fitness programs and spending money inside of your submarket on similar topics that you want to create your program about?

Is there a problem or a challenge that people in your market have that you’re able to help them solve?

And do people in your market have specific goals and results they want to achieve?

If the answer is yes, then that puts you in a really great position to launch a successful online program.

The reason this is so important is because it helps to shape the entire program you want to create, from content creation to sales.

Knowing what is currently in the market and that people are willing to spend money on something similar to what you want to create helps you determine whether or not you have a viable program idea.

Then it’s time to understand their biggest challenges and problems.

Understanding the challenges and problems people face and knowing you have a solution for them…

…not only allows you to create content which solves these problems and challenges, it also helps shape all of your marketing and sales material, because people are willing to pay to have their problems solved.

So, the most important thing to do here is to research your potential clients, your niche and the market you want to enter.

Ask yourself, are there people currently paying for the type of program you want to create?

Do they have goals and a desired result they’re looking to achieve?

Do people have a problem or challenge they need solved?

Can you help them to solve it?

Okay, so the next key ingredient of the game plan is number 3…

…and that is all about developing a roadmap.

#3 Develop a Roadmap

This is the next key determinant of the success of your program, and revolves around whether or not people are searching for information.

Are people heading online trying to find answers?

Is there a lot of free information online in the market you want to target? (HINT: Heck yes!)

Are people asking questions on the topic you want to create a program about?

If the answer to this is yes, then this is an incredibly good sign and a good indicator that your program is something people will really want.

Now, what’s funny is that people will often say to me

“Jaimee, there’s so much information out there about health and fitness, why would someone pay for a program when they can get all the information for free?”

Free information in your market is actually a really great sign, because people will pay for convenience and clarity.

Truth is, the world does NOT need any more information.

The Internet is flooded with information about health and fitness. 

Instead, what people REALLY need and truly value is someone who steps forward, is a trusted authority and organises all of this valuable information, into one place.

People want to be told what to do and they want it laid out for them step by step.

Anyone can Google

“How do I lose weight” or

“How do I get fit”…

…There’s anywhere between 98 million and 957 million websites that will answer that question for you.

That’s a couple of people with opinions on the matter, right?

How many of those opinions do you think are the same?

More importantly, how many of those opinions are different?

It’s confusing for people, and despite all of this information being out there ready for people to find…

…people still struggle so much to reach their health and fitness goals and it’s a multi billion dollar industry.


People don’t need more information.

People need you.

They need structure and a roadmap and they need all of YOUR information in ONE place.

They need an expert they can turn to that will give them advice specific to their needs.

They need someone who will motivate them, keep them accountable and they need all of the other amazing things you can offer people with an online program that free ‘information’ can’t.

So that’s where your roadmap comes into play.

The key is to create an entire path that you want people to progress through when they sign up to your online program.

This will help you to shape your entire content strategy as you build your program and it will help your clients get results.

So, I want you to create your roadmap.

Identify where your potential clients are in the beginning.

And then where do they want to be?

What does that person need to do in between every milestone and every step in order to make progress towards their fitness goals?

What are the different milestones?

How do they know whether or not they’re actually making progress?

Then it’s your job, to create your training content and your program in a way that moves people through this roadmap to reach their end goal.

So your 3 steps of your Game plan are;

# 1, Community # 2 Clients # 3 Roadmap.

Now that you’re clear about the 3 key ingredients that make up the game plan and the fundamentals for creating and selling your program, the BIG question is…

How do you take these key ingredients and use them to actually create the right content and make sure you don’t overwhelm people with the wrong content?

How do you create a training program that not only gets your clients results, but how do you use them to get people knocking down the door to sign up and buy from you?

Hands down, this is the most important key to anyone’s growth as an online fitness trainer.

If you can’t shape your content and your marketing material to help people get results and buy your program, then you’ll continue to experience a tonne of frustration and a lack of people signing up to your online program.

Want to know how to do it? Book in a free coaching session and I’ll help you through it. This is only available for a really limited time so click here now to book your spot in my calendar.