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One of the key principles we focus on with all of our clients and members is to focus on #theonething that’s really going to take your business to the next level…

Because of how valuable this concept is, we wanted to release it to the public for you to learn from and implement to help grow your business!

In case you prefer reading… Here’s the video the video transcript. Enjoy!

Hey everyone, Jaimee Maree here and this week I want to dive into our first “one thing” topic.

For this topic, I want you to answer the following question.

What’s the ONE thing you could do, such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?

That’s the number one question I want you to answer.

Now, as I go through this, there are two options you can run with,

  1. Choose your own one thing for the week that you want to implement,
  2. Run with the one thing I recommend and think will have a big impact on moving your business forward.

So first up, I’m going to take a look at what this one thing is that you can implement.

Then I’m going to talk about my personal experience to give you some context, and then how you can implement the lessons and make sure you’re not making the same mistakes.

I’m going to keep this as short and sharp as I can so you can get back to implementing your ONE thing for this week.

So, the first thing I want to cover comes from my own personal experience.

This one is a little close to home and is something I experienced a few days ago, and as a marketer in the fitness space, it made me a little mad.

It’s so incredibly simple, but time and time again I see first hand the mistakes fitness businesses are making and to be honest, it annoyed me.

So, I wanted to make sure that everyone in this group has this setup properly because this “ONE THING” will make an incredible difference to your results.

So, because it was real and raw, and drove me a little crazy, I decided to focus on this “ONE THING” this week to kick us off.

So, my one thing for you this week comes down to your answer to this question – what happens when someone registers their interest in signing up with you.

Whether it’s on your website, via email, wherever it is that someone can register their interest or sign up for a free trial, what. happens. next?

Grab a pen and paper and write down exactly what happens next,

Do they receive an email?

Do they go through a booking system?

Or are you following up with a phone call?

Write down the process, step by step, map it out on a piece of paper if that’s easier…

But what happens when someone registers their interest?

If you don’t have anything in place at the moment, write down how you think it should look.

So, my personal experience over the past 12 months has involved four different gyms.

  • Fit n Fast
  • Fitness First
  • Two other small training studios.

Now, usually I wouldn’t be interested in a franchised gym, but I was overcoming an injury and they had access to a swimming pool so I went to check them out, plus I like to suss out what they’re up to from an on boarding leads perspective.

For the purpose of today’s lesson, I’m only going to go over my most recent experience but just so you know, 3 out of the 4 of them weren’t positive and all had issues with their lead gen process, so this isn’t an uncommon occurrence even with the big franchises.

Now I wrote a blog about this over 2 years ago where I had a very similar experience if you want to check that out, but here’s what happened most recently.

I signed up to a 7-day trial with a small studio about 2 minutes from my house.

I’d found them in Google and seen a poster in the local shopping centre so thought I’d check them out.

When signing up to the free trial, the process was pretty damn painful.

However, it wasn’t just the sign up process that drove me a little crazy, it was the follow up, or lack thereof that I received moments later that bugged me.

Here’s what their follow up email said…

Dear Jaimee, Thank you for shopping in our online store. Below is your purchase receipt; please keep a copy for your records.  It had the sale date and sale id: total cost, payment method, mentioned that if I had purchased a series then please note the expiration date and to retain a receipt.

As some of you will recognize this came from the mind body program and is their way of handling a free trial.

But it’s messy and is one of the worst ways of communicating with a new lead.

It’s not specific, it’s not personal, I didn’t shop in an online store, so there’s a myriad of things wrong with this follow up.

Don’t forget, you only get one first impression.

Make it count.

If someone actively seeks out your business and registers their interest, whether it’s a free session, a paid session, whatever it is, engage with them, make them feel welcome, allow them to get to know you and what to do next in order to take advantage or get started with whatever it is they’ve just showed interest in.

Do not leave holes in your lead generation process, especially when someone has showed express interest in what you have to offer.

So, here’s what I want you to do…

I’ve done some of the work for you by creating a free email template you can use to engage those who signup for something you’ve got to offer.

This is only basic, ideally you could create a video, follow up with a call, but I want to make sure that no matter what, you’ve got this ONE thing setup correctly in your business.

So, the structure of this sign up email looks something like this;

  1. Thank them for signing up and entrusting you to help them with their goals.
  2. Tell them exactly what will happen next, and how they can come in and train with you.
  3. Show some social proof if possible
  4. Give them a gift (a free guide, a lead magnet you’ve already created, or something of value you use with your clients)
  5. Thank them again
  6. Add a P.S which highlights the main thing you want them to get out of the email and a call to action of what you want them to do next.

Now, this is one of the most basic things you can do for your business,

Yet so many fail to do this and provide a generic response to people who have reached out for help.

Get into the mindset of your ideal client, think about the stage their in to be reaching out for help and be a real person and reach out to them and start to build a relationship with them.

Don’t be an automated email, which is a receipt for a service, which isn’t targeted, and leave it at that.

Craziest thing you could do and why it made me annoyed when I experienced it first hand.

So, now it’s your turn, what happens when someone reaches out to you for help and registers their interest?

Do you need to fix the process?

If so, make it your ONE thing this week, that you get this sorted and setup correctly.

Now I want you to keep in mind, it will never really be only ONE thing.

As they say, success is sequential, not simultaneous.

It’s one step at a time.

ONE thing at a time.

It’s not your one and only thing, but it’s the ONE thing right now and if you focus on it, it will start moving you and your business forward.

So, block out time to make it happen and make sure you let me know how you go and when it’s done by commenting below.

So, that wraps up our first ONE THING video, can’t wait to hear how you go.

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