In this video I’ll share with you;

1. A simple strategy for using video to get more clients (that works!)

2. Little known strategies that can help your clients get better results.

3. How to make professional looking videos (even if you’re on a tight budget)

4. Overcoming fear of getting in front of the camera

If you like reading here’s the transcript from the video…

Hi I’m Jaimee Maree from and today we’re going to take a look at the power of video marketing. I’m going to show you how you can use online video to generate word of mouth referrals, improve your clients performance and to attract and retain new clients. Then I’m going to take you through some great tips on how to make awesome videos, how to overcome fear about getting on camera and how to make professional looking videos even if you’re on a tight budget.

The fitness industry is massive and just continues to grow and the number of fitness trainers and health professionals in the market is also increasing. So, in such a competitive and growing industry you need to do everything you can to get ahead and to stand out from your competitors.

One of the biggest challenges fitness trainers and health professionals face is attracting new clients on a regular basis, and one of the best ways to attract clients is to leverage online video.

Use Video To Increase Your Exposure and Get More Clients

When people are looking for personal trainers, yoga instructors, health coaches or any fitness professional, consumers tend to do a lot of research online before hand. If you create strong videos and optimise them correctly it will help increase your exposure considerably. Creating videos that show who you are allows you to connect with the viewer before you’ve even met. They get to see your personality and the relationship begins to develop far better and quicker than text and images on a website ever could.

When creating your videos, be yourself, provide great information and get across quickly and precisely what benefits people would receive by working with you. This can be incredibly valuable.

I had one of my clients who has been through our training program who decided to create a very real and raw video after receiving an email from a very overweight woman who was reaching out for help. Leila created a video to reach out to others who were in a similar situation and it was a very emotional and moving video. This video was viewed hundreds of times within days, it was shared on social media and it was talked about by a lot of people who were moved by her honesty and her compassion. Have a think about videos you could make that will show people who you are, be real and explain why they need to work with you.

How Video Can Help Improve Your Clients Results

Next up, let’s take a look at how online video can really help to improve your clients results. In a video we published recently we took a look at the importance of relationship marketing and this is where video really comes into play as you can really build a personal connection with your clients.

We both know that one of the biggest challenges trainers face is what happens outside of their training sessions with you. Your clients results depend on their motivation, eating habits, their mindset amongst other things, so this is where video comes into play.

You could create videos of extra workout sessions so your clients can do some workouts on their own when they don’t have sessions with you, you could create motivational videos to publish on Facebook or send them via email, you could create a video of your favourite healthy recipes or create videos full of fun, interesting and informative content. Using this strategy alone, and providing this added bonus to your existing client base will not only help them get better results but will also set you apart from a lot of other fitness professionals out there.

Using Videos For Testimonials and Generating Word of Mouth Referrals

Next, let’s take a quick look at using videos for testimonials and generating word of mouth referrals.

People love watching and sharing videos, so take advantage of it. Customer testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web, so have a think about your existing client base who have achieved substantial results or find people who love working with you and would be happy to say so on camera. Just a quick note on testimonials, testimonials can be incredibly valuable but unfortunately a lot of testimonials are actually useless because they aren’t structured correctly.

Let’s quickly go over the type of testimonials that actually get clients. Testimonials should include,

  • Your clients first and last name
  • What your clients life was like before training with you
  • What they were skeptical about before they started training with you
  • What specific result they achieved,
  • What their life is like since they started training with you (since their achieved their results)
  • Would they recommend you and who would they recommend you to?
  • If possible try and get a before and after picture (if applicable)

All of the above allows your potential clients to really get a true understanding of what results they could achieve and what their life could be like, if they were to work with you. It also helps to address any hesitations they might have if someone else that you’ve worked with had the same hesitations as the person looking to start working with you. This is powerful.

Creating Your Videos

So, now it’s time to create your videos. Let’s go over some quick tips for making great, professional videos, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Obviously you’ll need to grab a camera, if possible use a DSLR or a good HD video recorder, if you’re on a tight budget then use a smart phone like an iPhone 5 or 5s – these phones can create incredible videos. So use whatever you have available.

One of the most important things for video, is having good audio! There is nothing worse than putting earphones in and listening to what someone has to say when they’ve got terrible audio! Most cameras and smart phones can pickup sound from what you’re saying but then it also picks up any background noise between you and the camera and it just delivers poor audio, can you hear how different the sound is right now?

Ideally you want to get an external mic and an external recorder if you can, so you can get great sound, if you don’t quite have the budget for an external mic then here’s a great little tip. Use the earphones and speaker mic you got with your iPhone as a microphone that you can pin to your shirt.

Simply plug your earphones into your phone and talk into the mic piece and you’ll get MUCH better sound!

You may need to get an extension cable so you can have the camera away from you and still have the mic pinned to your shirt, but you can get these extensions cables off ebay for $3 or $4.

 Video Production Tips

Finally, some last tips, Always make sure your shot is well lit, follow the rule of thirds and make sure your eye line is 1/3rd of the way down the frame. Keep them short, sharp and to the point, speak to the camera as if you’re having a conversation with your best friend and most importantly get started on creating them. Don’t put it off any longer.

Overcoming Fear of Getting in Front of the Camera

Now I know you might have a little bit of fear about getting in front of a camera and tackling this issue is almost a video in and of itself, but in short, if you offer value, you have the knowledge and experience and you’ve got something to give that can help improve other people’s lives then you need realise that it’s your duty to get this out there.

Create a reframe and say “I have to get this information out there, I need to get this information into the hands of other people and if I don’t get it out there, people are going to suffer, they’ll continue to struggle with their health and fitness journey and it’s my obligation to help make a difference to these people’s lives.” When you start to reframe the situation, the fear will start to melt away and what you’ll notice is that you’ll begin to speak with more confidence and passion and this will become stronger than your fear.

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