Why Potential Clients are Ignoring You…

Ever feel like whenever you create brochures, print ads, blogs, website content or any marketing material to get new clients, you get little to no response? There’s a reason for it and in today’s video I’m going to show you exactly what it is and how you can avoid doing it.

Incase you like reading… Here’s the Video Script

Hi I’m Jaimee Maree from www.thefitnessentourage.com and when I sent out my last video about one of the biggest mistakes fitness professionals make I got an incredible response. In this video I’m going to show you just how powerful it can be to get clear on precisely the kind of person you’re looking for. You will be much more likely to be successful in business if you know a great deal about who you are pursuing and why.

I was inundated with emails from people saying that they’d been making the exact same mistake and they realised why all of their marketing material wasn’t getting them clients and was attracting people they didn’t want to work with. Several people asked me to make a follow up video to look at how you would change your marketing message depending on who your ideal client was. So I’ve decided to create this video to give you an example of how you might change your marketing message and the way you set up your business to suit different people.

So first up we took a look at finding out what stage of life your ideal client might be in.

Whether they’re uni students, or just starting out in the career, they might have a young family or perhaps their heading towards retirement.

Let’s have a look at one of these examples and create this profile.

Let’s take someone who is a young professional.

Creating Your Ideal Clients Profile

A young professional will generally be looking to maintain a level of fitness to support their hectic work life. As someone who it just starting out in their career, it’s really important that they are able to be focused, have high energy levels, have as little time off work as possible and they can be highly susceptible to fatigue and burnout. They are generally in their mid to late 20’s. They may be concerned about their physical appearance towards a partner or finding a partner. Their level of confidence and how they feel about themselves may be closely related to how they look and feel.

Young professionals will often require a training regime that is convenient and not overly time consuming. They will generally require nutritional guidelines that can be managed very easily and does not require a huge amount of effort or preparation.

A young professional will generally be ambitious, intelligent and optimistic and the problem they will often be trying to solve is the ability to create a healthy balance between work and fitness in the most convenient way possible. Because of the ambitious nature of young professionals, sometimes it can be very easy to put health and fitness as a lower priority to their work so it’s really important to be able to tackle this issue and find a way to make their health and fitness a top priority. A young professional will likely respect your time and pay their bills quickly because they understand the importance of paying for a good service.

So we could go on forever in creating your ideal clients profile but for the sake of this exercise I now want to show you how you would tailor your marketing message towards this type of person.

So, a lot of fitness professional will create print ads and website content to say, lose weight, get fit, build strength or get toned but how well do you think this message works on the young professional we just outlined?

Now, a small percentage might want to lose weight or get toned but that’s not necessarily their highest priority and it’s very unlikely to get their attention.

For people to take action on your marketing message it must truly resonate with them and seem like you really understand what they need. So let’s create a purely fictitious example and create a marketing message that you might add to your website that is much more likely to get the attention of this type of person.

Creating Your Marketing Around Your Ideal Client

Here we go.

Here at the Fitness Institute we know that a high percentage of young professionals will suffer from fatigue and burnout. We know that *62% of young professionals report that they eat badly because they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals.

Did you know that there are some foods that will actually increase your levels of stress and if you don’t put the right fuel into your body you’ll have more sick days and have a heck of a lot less energy. We know it’s important for you to be prepared so don’t worry we’ll give you guidelines on how to prepare quick and easy healthy meals and we’ll take a look at the best snacks and munchies you can take to work so you don’t get stuck binging.

Getting fitter and healthier doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym, we can show you how a little bit of intense exercise and some small lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. Studies have shown that certain training styles which we offer at the fitness institute can help increase energy levels, lower the chance of sickness and due to the nature of our training it means a short workout can offer the same health benefits as a longer workout.

How did that sound? If your ideal client was a young professional then creating a marketing message like that means that people will feel that you understand their needs and you have the ability to improve their lifestyle and are much more likely to sign up with you than if you simply wrote something like “Let us help you lose weight and get fit blah blah blah”.

So, whenever you’re creating your marketing message, do what I just did! Think about your ideal client in detail. Think about what they need, and make sure you understand them from a psychological and emotional level.

Also, when you’re creating your marketing material think about how and where you might get on a prospective client’s radar. Where should you be advertising, should you be advertising on Facebook or LinkedIn, rather than in the local paper, think about writing a blog, giving presentations or speaking at business seminars. Really think about your ideal clients, and where they’re hanging out. With everything you put out there, make sure it’s aimed directly at the person you want to take action and come in and train with you. Do this, and you will not only get more clients, but you’ll get more clients that you love to work with!

That’s it for this video, as always if you liked this video share the link with your friends and start creating your ideal clients profile. I hope you have an incredible day and I look forward to seeing you again soon.