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So a little while ago I went undercover on a fitness business because of how badly they were following up with leads in their business. Through a third party friend of mine, I was able to see the entire process they went through when they were in search for a new gym and personal trainer.

This is my behind the scenes experience to tell you everything that happened, how it unfolded and how you can avoid making this same mistake in your fitness business.

One of the key principles we focus on with all of our clients and members is to focus on #theonething that’s really going to take your business to the next level… so for this weeks one thing I went undercover to prove just how important this one thing is to growing your business.

Because of how valuable this concept is, we wanted to release some of our members only content to the public for you to learn from and implement to help grow your business!

In case you prefer reading… Here’s a summary of what is covered in the video. Enjoy!

0:06 – I decided to head undercover because I’d been hearing first hand the dramas my friend had been having with a lack of response from multiple fitness businesses.

0:31 – I’m going to take you through the entire process to let you know exactly what happened, from first contact, to online follow up (or lack thereof) to what happened in person to get some takeaway lessons and implement any changes you need to make in your business.

1:33 – Did this fitness business nail the in person contact?

2:07 – There was one thing he didn’t do which is an absolute sales killer… (checkout the video to find out what happened)

3:25 Implement the spin strategy to convert more leads into clients

4:36 You want to get as many people through the door as possible right? But how do you get them through the door?

For some context: Here’s a break down of what happened! (More info in the video)

5:00 Let’s break down what happened

– Client wants to start a new fitness regime.

– Did a search on Google

– Found a particular fitness business in local area

– Registered information on their website

– No follow up on first contact

6:20 – What happened next?

– Client moved to database.

– Received an automated email a week or two after initial contact.

– Offering a Challenge/Early Bird Registrations/48 hour special

– Registered their interest

– No follow up on second contact

7:17 Client Called Fitness Business for Help

Checkout the video to find out what this staff member said on the call! (HINT: it was bad!)

8:13 Why I was SO dumbfounded by this business


9:00 The importance of preventing no shows

10:56 How much money you can lose when you don’t get your follow up and systems in place

11:17 Do lead magnets and opt in pages suck??

12:38 How many clients should you expect from your lead magnets? What conversion rates are typical? This one thing that will impact this result.

13:55 The one thing you need to do in your business right now. If you’re not doing it, then STOP what you’re doing and do this instead.

So, that wraps up our first ONE THING video any our undercover experience, what are your thoughts on what happened? Let me know below!