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One of the key principles we focus on with all of our clients and members is to focus on #theonething that’s really going to take your business to the next level…

Because of how valuable this concept is, we wanted to release it to the public for you to learn from and implement to help grow your business!

In case you prefer reading… Here’s the video the video transcript. Enjoy!

Hey, it’s time for this weeks ONE thing and this weeks one thing is also my one thing that I’m working really hard on at the moment to implement.

So I mentioned the other week that one of my biggest one things is creating systems. I’ve been absolutely smashing that and creating systems in my business, I have my project manager and my assistant working together, and everything we do, we’re creating a system for – it’s incredibly liberating.

This week though, the topic is completely different and it comes from something that I’ve known for a VERY long time, but always put in a bit of a half assed effort to actually implement it, so it’s my one thing, and if you want to do it with me, I’d love to do it as a group.

We’ll see how we go.

This reminder came to me from my mastermind group where we were talking about motivation and consistency and how as a business owner this goes up and down like a yoyo.

This applies to pretty much everything – business, life, relationships, fitness, it’s hard to be consistent all the time.

Some days you’re driven, you’re excited and you’re motivated to make stuff happen.

But how do you stay hungry, driven and focused?

And how do we make sure you perform at your best and highest level every single day.

Now, while talking about this, I had this little voice in my head and that voice was one of my business coaches.

They did a live Facebook video not that long ago which was about goal setting and I’m a big believer in goal setting.

I do it quite differently to most, but what was really important to me was understanding that goal setting is only one part of the equation.

We can set huge goals which are great, but what’s even more important is whether we’re being who we need to be in order to achieve those goals.

Because goals are all well and good, but are we willing to do what it takes to achieve those goals?

If you set a goal to be a billionaire, are you being the type of person who gets to be a billionaire.

Probably not.

And for most people, myself included, that’s not the life I want.

A millionaire – sure, but a billionaire – nope, because to be honest, I’m not willing to be the person I need to be to become a billionaire – does that make sense?

So many people spend their time setting goals, but if you’re not being the person you need to be for those goals to come true, then that’s the real problem.

This comes down to priorities as well.

Whether it’s fitness or business, you can achieve absolutely anything you want to achieve.

Anyone can get the body they want, anyone can build the business they want, but what are they willing to give up in order to get there is the question.

Who are you willing to be to get there.

So, with all of that aside, what’s the actionable step you can take to be the person you need to be every single day to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

To stay hungry, driven, productive and focused.

The one thing I think you can do every single day to help make that happen is to develop a routine.

So that every morning that you wake up you are 100% ready and confident and raring to go.

So, this is something I’m starting to implement myself. I’m going to be tweaking it, making changes and I hope to really share those with the group as well to keep myself accountable.

But this is the structure of how I want this to look.

Some of this may appear a bit wacky and woo woo but with all the time, money and energy I’ve invested in myself and personal development I know the theory behind this works and now it’s time to really put it into action to really step things up.

So hopefully you’ll join me.

The idea is to create a document which you look at every morning that guides you to becoming the person you really want to be and the person you need to be to get to where you really want to go.

This is how I want it to look.

I might go over more detail in another video or I might create a document to flesh this out but lets run with it.

The first part starts out with writing out the person you want to be so that when I read the sentences in my mind, I start becoming the person I’m reading about.

This will cover who I want to be.

How I want other people to view me from a business perspective.

Where I want to live.

How much money do I want to make and we do it as if it’s reality.

So, this part might say…

Jaimee Maree is a highly successful fitness marketer who is well known in the industry worldwide for providing valuable education and guidance on how to create the life and business you want through the use of mastering online marketing.

She is known to be honest, friendly, genuine and is known as the best in the business and gets incredible results for her clients.

Jaimee lives in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, property in…

I actually don’t know where I want to live so I’ll work on that part, but if you’ve got you the ideal place you want to live, include that.

Think about how much money you want to make – keep it realistic but what would drive you every day.

What’s that number for you.

Remember that setting this up is designed to motivate you to take serious action to get you to where you want to be.

And the more you read it, your mind starts accepting this as reality.

The idea is not to read it every morning and then go and lay on the beach all day, this is about implementation.

The secret, which was a book a movie which came out a long time ago, really had the right idea behind manifestation and being able to create any life you want, but the part I feel they really left out, was the implementation side of things, and being who you really needed to be to actually make that happen.

Then you can start writing down the qualities of the person you want to be, the time you want to wake up every single morning, it might not happen every morning but the idea is to work your way up to it.

You might start writing it out as like this.

I am the most highly sought after personal trainer in x area.

Then get into more detail.. so that it helps to keep you confident and at the top of your game.

Then you might start to include some physical traits of what you want to look like, how you feel because you look like that.

Think about the relationships you want to develop, whether that’s personally or professionally.

Then you can look to create a page in this document which has a mini vision board on it. If you don’t know what a vision board is, we might create a video about that, but use photos and images to represent what you really want.

Think about the car you want, the house you want, whatever it is that really drives you and excites you, use visual representation of that.

The next thing on the list, and this didn’t come directly from me but it was mentioned in my mastermind group and that was writing rules for your life that you’re willing to stick to.

It might take some time but think about it. So these rules will dictate what you do, how you do it and why you do it.

These things should be non negotiable for your life.

Like if you break a rule, you’re going to jail.

So the rules might be around starting your day the same way every day.

Doing a workout at the same time every morning.

Having a particular breakfast, write a list of everything you’re going to do at the beginning and end of every workday and then execute that list every day.

When you get to the end of the day, you write a list of everything you want to do tomorrow so that you can get it out of your head.

You might create a rule that says you’re going to do one hour of study every day to further your business.

You might insist that you take Sunday 100% off every week and you’re not allowed to work.

It might take a while to set all of this up and actually implement them, but they often say routine will set you free and it’s the one thing that’s been lacking in my life and it’s the one thing I’m determined to improve and believe will have an incredible impact on my business.

Write rules for what happens when you go to bed.

No phone, no tv, whatever it is for you.

Think about writing that into your rule book.

Because how you go to bed affects how you’ll feel the next morning and you really can’t start the day well if you haven’t done the right things the night before when you went to bed.

So there’s a lot more you can add in here, the idea is really to design it for your life and what you really want so that each and every day you’re being the person you need to be to reach your goals and you’re motivated to make them happen.

This is going to be my one thing that will go for a lot longer than one week, but if it’s something you want help with and to implement as well,

I’d love you to join me.

So that’s my one thing for this week. To start thinking about creating a morning routine which will really be a daily routine so that you can really start smashing goals and getting stuff done.

That’s it from me. Until next time, take care and I’ll chat to you again soon.