This is Part 3 of a 3-part series teaching you how to implement one simple strategy into your fitness business that will completely change how you attract leads and clients online…

If you haven’t read part 1 or part 2 yet, make sure you go through those first so you truly understand the power of this strategy.

Part 1 – All you can eat leads: 3 proven steps to attract more leads into your fitness business.

Part 2 – [Case Study] 33 new clients a month, starting from scratch…

Part 3 – [You Are Here] – Turning on the tap: How to reach your perfect audience and attract unlimited leads into your fitness business

“Get me some people… Pronto!!”

That’s one of the biggest challenges that faces most fitness professionals.

You need more leads and clients.

You think, “If only I could get in front of more people, or have more people coming through my door, then they’d love what I have to offer”.

It might be a little bit hard to believe (and I’m going to duck for cover when I say this), but you DO NOT have a traffic problem. (For those who don’t understand what traffic means – it means, people or visitors to your business)

If you wanted to get in front of your target market and attract them to what you have to offer, you could do it…

…Right now.

So, off you go.  I’ll wait here.

No wait, come back.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that.

Truth is, there are so many companies out there lining up to send you people. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, popular blogging sites, magazines and newspapers – you name it – they want to send you as many people as you want.

For a fee.

That’s usually when people cringe.

Understandably. And I totally get it. Stick with me though and I will reveal all.

The problem most people have with advertising is that it doesn’t always pay for itself. If it did, there wouldn’t be any cringing when we talk about advertising, instead you’d be happy to pay whatever the asking price is, if you were getting a positive return on investment.

Who wouldn’t be happy to spend $1 to make $5 profit? That means you could spend a thousand dollars and make five thousand dollars back.

If that were the case, you’d spend as much as you could on advertising and it wouldn’t worry you.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is, people think that’s their problem.

“If only I could get in front of more people.” They say.

That’s not the problem and focusing purely on that is a bad idea, and will keep you from figuring out the real problem…

…The problem most people have when it comes to marketing doesn’t really come down to not being able to get in front of enough people… it comes down to not having a lead generation strategy, a funnel and an offer people really want.

Guess what?

That’s what we covered in part 1 and part 2 of this 3-step system.

You’re welcome.

You want to create a lead magnet people really want, get them to give you their details through a landing page, and now you just have to get that irresistible lead magnet in front of the right people and you can then start to build a relationship with them and lead them to the next thing you have to offer.

So how do you get your irresistible offer in front of the right people?

There are numerous ways you can do it.

I’m going to touch on a few options, but I’m not going to shy away from the fact that Facebook is still one of the best ways to get in front of your ideal audience.

Sure, it’s a little bit harder than it used to be, but if you have your systems set up the right way and you’ve got the right offer then it can be an absolute gold mine.

More on Facebook in a moment.

But are there other ways to get valuable lead magnets in front of your audience?

Of course there is.

You can use all of your existing networks and the people you know.

You can use online sources like, YouTube, LinkedIn, other niche related blogs or offline sources like information evenings, brochure drops, signs in your gym or studio or in your local area.

If you have a way of delivering value to someone before they’ve had the chance to meet you – then do it.

If you have some old clients or potential leads you never followed up on – draw them back in by offering them value first with your lead magnet.

Remember that getting new leads and clients and attracting people to your fitness business, all comes down to your ability to build trust and a relationship with your audience before they’ve even stepped inside your ‘door’…

It’s about providing valuable information to your audience, positioning yourself as the ‘go to’ person and putting yourself out there for people to get to know, like and trust you.

So do that. Find out what people really want, start to solve their problems and allow them to get to know you.

What we know so far…

You now know the importance of who your ideal client is, how to create an enticing lead generation offer, how to structure content for your landing page and that you need to put this in front of the right people to attract them to your business, you can do it in front of your existing networks, using offline sources and online sources…

…and now it’s time to start to understand Facebook and Facebook advertising and how you can take advantage of one of the best mediums we’ve ever had to promote our business. You’ve just got to understand how to do it.

Let’s first take a quick look some of the core elements of creating Facebook ads to make sure you know how to run a successful campaign.

I can’t cover everything in this blog post or I’d ‘run out of room’ but if you need even more help, you know where to find us.

Rule Number 1: Be Specific

The most important thing you need to do when it comes to Facebook advertising is to be specific and highly targeted.

I’m going to repeat that.

The most important thing you need to understand when it comes to Facebook advertising – is to be specific and highly targeted.

You really need to get specific and understand the person that you want to attract. (Don’t put the RIGHT message, in front of the WRONG audience).

The more insight you have about the person you want to attract, the better you’re equipped to deliver meaningful messages to people.

For example, if you want to raise awareness for your local fitness business, you’d want to know how many people on Facebook live near your training facility. You’d also want to know their interests and what other pages they like online. If you’re targeting mums for example in your local area then you need to understand what they want, what they like and the type of message they’ll respond to. Simply saying “I’ll help you get fit and healthy” – Will. Not. Cut. It.

You need to speak directly to the right people.

Do not make your ads speak to anyone and everyone at the same time. (Remember, right message, in front of right audience).

They won’t work.

Rule Number 2: Keep it simple and clear

The next rule is to keep your ad ridiculously simple and tell them what you want them to do.

You want to provide a clear call to action for them to respond to and you want to tell people exactly what you want them to do. Don’t be afraid to seem over the top obvious with what you want them to do. “Click here now to sign up”, “Click here now to find out more”. People need step-by-step instructions.

There’s no point in trying to be clever or evasive of what you want them to do. Entice them with your ad, give them the solution they need and tell them what you want them to do to get it.

You don’t simply want to write “Hey look over here, I can help you get fit and healthy”. That just doesn’t work, yet so many people are still doing it.

A lot of people talk about getting clients off Facebook but a lot of fitness professionals fail to make it happen and to be honest, it doesn’t surprise me.

The reason so many people don’t see results with Facebook is because they’re not specific and targeted enough with their Facebook ad.

But it’s not just here where they fall down, it’s the next step where things go wrong – they lead people to a website or Facebook page that isn’t targeted to their audience and it doesn’t engage with their target market and that’s where they fall down.

They never create a targeted landing page.

But – not you. I covered this in part 2 of this 3 part blog series so you don’t ever make the same mistake again.

Let’s tie this all together.

I want to quickly cover ad structure to give you something to work with.

Your Facebook Ad Structure

When you start your ad – Ask a question that identifies a pain point (or strong desire) your target market has. Then include a sentence that gives them a solution that’s being offered by your lead magnet.

Use a unique image that’s likely to resonate with your target market – ideally use a real image of you or from your business – people can sense stock photography from a mile away and it doesn’t look good.

Include text on the image that will grab the attention of your audience and includes the lead magnet you’re going to be offering.

You must make sure that there is only 20% text on your image – if you’re not sure then check your image using the Facebook grid overlay tool and that will tell you.

Use the headline underneath your image to call out your target audience and let them know what you’re offering.

Then underneath your main headline make sure you re- address the pain point of your audience and how you’re going to solve it.

That’s ad structure 101.

When you create an ad that resonates with people – they’re much more likely to respond to it.

As I showed you in our last case study, these ads are easy to put together, and if you’re persistent with it, you let it grow and gain momentum. Remember this Facebook ad from my last blog post?

This is an ad that is able to generate 33 new clients a month. People like the ad, it speaks to them, they tag their friends, they share it and they become clients.

This was for a small local business that went from struggling to get one new person in the door – to building a thriving business simply because they put this three step strategy into action.

Lead Magnet, Landing Page, Targeted Traffic Source (Facebook ads.)

Now she’s got more clients, there’s a lot more word of mouth happening and it’s happy days.

This system works. You just have to put it into action, go through some trial and error and make it happen.

It takes time and persistence, but if you knew you could get 33 new clients a month, just by ‘turning on the tap’ and using the same lead magnet again and again, would you put in the time to do it?

Of course you would.

So, now it’s your turn.

Your action plan.

1. Create an irresistible lead magnet. It’s time to think outside the box and market yourself as much as you can and do that by offering value. Don’t forget once you’ve created this lead magnet once, you can use it again and again to attract new clients.

2.  Create your landing page. Focus on the problem you’re going to be able to help them solve. Keep it simple and concise.

3.  Send traffic towards your lead magnet. Through your existing channels, through offline sources, online sources and definitely consider using Facebook. Just remember to be targeted and specific and make sure you understand your audience and what they want.

Remember in blog post number 1 I talked about blogging and social media and how I asked you those ’20 questions’?

“You’ve been told you have to ‘blog’, you have to be on ‘Facebook’, get on Instagram, but what the heck for? Why are you blogging? Why are you posting on Instagram? Why are you creating all of this content? What’s its purpose? Are you being strategic?”

Well… the reason you’re doing all of those things is to

  1. Gain exposure,
  2. Start building a relationship with people AND
  3. (the one thing people leave out which is the key to the whole thing) To lead people into your business using this 3 step strategy. If you’re going to write a blog about what exercise to do this week or a cool new recipe you’ve created… Are you then leading them to your ‘lead magnet’ for more?

If you’re going to provide this information and post on social media and provide regular blog content – don’t just leave people with one bit of information and make them figure out the rest on your own. Lead them to a valuable lead magnet where you can start to provide them with more value and actually HELP them. One blog post isn’t going to do it. But if you lead them to the next thing you have to offer, you’re one step closer to actually helping them and having them become a paying client.

You don’t have to do it every single time you make a post on social media or write a new blog…

…But for the ones that you’ve put a lot of effort into and you know will get a response from your audience… Do not just provide them entertainment and information for no reason – make sure it’s an asset to your fitness business and it’s leading to the next thing you have to offer.

If you want help implementing this strategy into your fitness business then we’d love to see you inside the TFE Academy. We’ll be able to share with you how you can use it inside your fitness business. We’re working with all of our current members and helping them build their lead generation systems inside the TFE Academy so we’d love you to join us so we can help you implement this too.

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