This is Part 2 of a 3-part series teaching you how to implement one simple strategy into your fitness business that will completely change how you attract leads and clients online…

Part 1 – All you can eat leads: 3 proven steps to attract more leads into your fitness business.
Part 2 – [You Are Here] [Case Study] 33 new clients a month, starting from scratch…
Part 3 – Turning on the tap: How to reach your perfect audience and attract unlimited leads into your business

This is the one thing that’s going to make all the difference.

If you want to attract leads online this will either make or break your campaign and this is what almost all fitness professionals are getting wrong.

In this post I’m going to show you

  • The one MISTAKE to avoid when trying to generate leads or run any advertising campaigns online
  • Why your website isn’t generating enough leads and what to do instead
  • Plus I’m going to take you through two case studies where we implemented this strategy and helped an online fitness business generate just under a thousand leads in 5 days, and an offline fitness business generate 33 new clients in a month… (who was starting from scratch).

This blog post isn’t purely going to be informational…

You see; we actually do this stuff.

We help our clients and our members in TFE Academy do this every single day and so I’m going to show you how this works in the real world, and then how you can implement it in your business too.

It’s one thing for me to teach you how to do this, but it’s real life examples in action that will help you see how you can apply it to your business and get results.

So let’s dive into our first case study.

[Case Study 1] Just under a thousand leads in 5 days.

Lead Magnet in Action: eBook

One of our clients (who will remain anonymous) approached us a little while ago because she really wanted to improve her reach within her market via social media and she didn’t really have a lead generation funnel (or a sales funnel for that matter) in place to move people from social media to being active leads. She had a great fitness studio but really wanted to take things online and work with women throughout the world, not just in her local area.

Side note: (to prove the benefit of lead magnets) this is the first email I ever received from this young lady (before she became a client)…

“I recently started to view your page and videos because I am looking to have a wider outreach to individuals within my market via social media. So far, your tips have been awesome and I have been putting them to good use. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this helpful information out there! It has been very beneficial so far 🙂 xo”

Pretty cool right? Our content and our ‘lead magnets’ were working a treat. We were being SUPER helpful, giving away great information for free that she was able to go away and implement to get results and it was clearly helping us to develop trust with our readers. She ended up becoming a client. Mission accomplished.

I digress…

Let’s get into the details of this case study.

First things first, we worked out who her ideal market was. Who she wanted to help and how she wanted to help them. What her goals were and how we were going to get people there. The aim of this exercise was to get deep into her prospects mind and figure out exactly what it is that they wanted. You see, you must understand their demographics but more importantly you need to know the psychological side of things too. You want your marketing message to enter the conversation that’s already going on inside their head, and then from there you want to lead them to you and your product being the solution to the problem they’re likely to be experiencing.

So, this was step 1a of step 1. Who are we targeting?

Once we worked this out, it was time for 1b of Step 1. It was time to create the lead magnet and to create something around her target market that would appeal to what they want and what they need. So, she went about creating a valuable eBook that answered some of the most commonly asked questions she is often asked about health and fitness and she started to provide valuable information and tips in a 20+ page eBook.

It was personal, it was real, it was super helpful and helped her ideal client to overcome some of the problems they were having when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals.

The result. Just under a thousand leads in 5 days. But how did she actually do it? How did she move her ‘followers’ and ‘fans’ to ‘active leads’? I’ll show you how to do that in a moment…

[Case Study 2] 33 new clients per month, starting from scratch…

Lead Magnet in Action: Free Trial or Free Session.

This type of lead magnet has been around for a long time and it has been proven to work time and time again and I’m going to show you a case study of how it worked extremely well for one of our members.

Disclaimer: Offering a free session shouldn’t always be the first thing you offer people. It used to work incredibly well but now everyone is making that same offer and it’s not separating you from your competition. People still have to pay for a free session. It may not be in money, but they’re paying for it with their time, which is what so many people don’t take into account. These days, people need to get to know you before they take you up on a free session, which is what your ‘informational’ free lead magnet is really for. A free face to face session can sit somewhere in your funnel but it MAY not be the best option for every fitness business so keep that in mind.

The reason this worked so well with one of our members is because she had a very unique offering and she was highly targeted with her audience.

Okay, let’s take a look at this case study.

One of our TFE Academy members (who will remain anonymous) came to us a little while ago and was really struggling to increase her client numbers. The clients she had absolutely loved her training program and she had years and years of experience in the fitness industry. Her program delivered incredible results, however she wasn’t able to get in front of enough people and so her numbers weren’t growing as fast as she needed them to, to make the business viable.

She had tried some ads in the local paper but the results from this were low (this didn’t surprise me for a second – offline marketing can be tough). She was talking to people about her classes to people face to face and although there was interest, people just weren’t showing up to the classes that she was offering even though they’d expressed interest. (Does this sound familiar to anyone?)

So getting any new people through the door was tough.

Here’s a bit of insight into where we were starting from so you’ve got some context…

She wasn’t doing any marketing online. She didn’t have a website. She didn’t have a Facebook page (except for a personal one) and she wasn’t all that tech savvy (incase she’s reading this, I say that with love, but true right?)…

…so we were starting from scratch.

The first step was to decide on the market she was targeting. Did she know who they were, where to find them and what they wanted?

Yep she did. This was a definite. She knew clearly in her mind the EXACT market she wanted to target and the type of people she wanted to attract.

So part 1a was complete.

Time for part 1b.

It was time to create a lead magnet to attract people to the program she had to offer. In this instance I was confident that she had a unique offering, she was able to target people very specifically and so the plan would work if we offered a free session straight to her target audience. (This may have worked EVEN better if there was ‘free content’ offered first up, but for this particular business, I was confident we could run with a free session straight up.) So we went about ‘creating the free lead magnet offer’… and then the rest of the 3-step strategy was going to be put in place. It’s step 2 and 3 that make step number 1 work so effectively.

So, let’s dive into Step 2.  I’m about to show you how we turned this offer into a lead generating machine, where she can now ‘turn the tap on or off’ depending on whether she’s ready for new clients or not. How awesome is that?

Remember, you don’t have to be overly tech savvy, you just need the right guidance and a strategy in place and you can attract people to your fitness business as soon as you’ve put this into action.

This is a screen shot to show you this successful strategy in action. This fitness business owner can now use this 3 step system again and again to funnel people into her fitness business whenever she likes.

(Advertisement and landing page are blurred for privacy of those in the images.)

So we’ve talked you through how to create your irresistible free offer and lead magnet, so now that you have your lead magnet, it’s time to start getting people to raise their hands and show interest in what you have to offer, right?

So now we want to get people onto your email list and to do this, we need to use a landing page.

Before I dive into what a landing page is exactly, I want to quickly explain the difference between a landing page and a website because they are completely different things and this is a question I’m often asked.

A landing page has no navigation and it means that someone can ‘land’ there, and they have to either take the action you want them to take, or they leave. Here’s a few examples of landing pages we’ve created for clients and members so you can see what I mean.

There’s no menu bar at the top like you have on a website. They just go to one page and they are unable to navigate around your website. They are here for one purpose, and one purpose only, they say yes, or they say no… and you want it that way.

Websites are a great way to provide a general overview of a business, to have a contact area and a place to build a hub of information. They’re good to have to continually engage with your current clients, or potentially new clients.

However, websites are NOT the best way to generate new leads or new clients from social media, offline marketing or advertising campaigns – in fact, they generally get shocking results because they’re so general that it’s really difficult for new people who arrive there to quickly identify what you have to offer and how you’re any different from any other fitness business.

This is the problem a lot of fitness businesses have and so they spend too much on advertising and get little results and wonder why they’re not getting results. When instead they should focus their time on perfecting the place (or landing page) they’re sending people to.

Why is this so important? You need people to take the action you want them to take as quickly as you can.

Have you ever been on an interesting website and the phone rings, or the kids start crying, or you see something pop up on Facebook and then you never go back to that site? Yeah, it happens all the time and it probably happens to your website too… Which is really bad if you’re spending money on advertising, or you’re simply trying to generate leads from your social media following.

So, that’s step number 2 in our 3-step strategy.

If you want to generate leads into your business you MUST use a landing page. This is how you get people to sign up for your free lead magnet. Whether it’s an ebook a video series or a free session, you need to be sending people to your landing page.

Typically freebies don’t require too much information to get someone to take action. There’s not too much decision-making at stake.

You do have to be compelling, persuasive and hit home the value of what you’re offering, but it’s not like a sales page where you’re selling a $2,000 service.

Here’s a quick tip when you’re creating your landing pages…

Remember to keep it simple and that there’s only one thing you’re trying to sell right now – and that’s your opt in so you can get their name, email address and possibly their phone number.

That’s it. Nothing else. That’s your only focus. That’s the one thing you’re trying to ‘sell’ here. That’s the only thing you’re asking for, it’s the only thing you want… their details (opt-in).

  • You’re not selling Facebook likes here…
  • You’re not trying to get more Instagram followers…
  • You’re not selling the next thing you have to offer

You’re simply selling the Opt-in.

You want to get their name and email address (optional: phone number).

The only thing you have to get people to decide is; is this going to be worth it, or is this going to be a waste of my time.

Okay, so that’s it.

You’ve got your irresistible lead magnet. You know you need to use a landing page to generate leads.

That’s two steps of the puzzle. Building your own landing pages can be easy and can actually be done yourself using online software, instead of hiring an expensive designer.

The third step is where everything comes together and I’ll cover that in Part 3 of this 3 part series.

I’m going to show you how you can literally turn on the tap to attract leads. I’ll show you how to reach your perfect audience and attract unlimited leads into your business. It’s going to be awesome.

If you want help implementing this strategy into your fitness business then we’d love to see you inside the TFE Academy. We’ll be able to share with you how you can use it inside your fitness business. We’re working with all of our current members and helping them build their lead generation systems inside the TFE Academy so we’d love you to join us so we can help you implement this too.

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