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Hi, Jaimee Maree here from the fitness entourage.com and this in training video we’re going to take a look at your Ultimate 12 – point guide: to show you how you can create your own killer online fitness program. Each one of these steps has its own individual training that goes along with it but what I’m going to do now is walk you through each step really quickly so you can get an overview of the 12 step process.

There are so many incredible opportunities that open up once you have your own program online.

You get to create something you’re passionate about, you can help change the lives of your clients from anywhere in the world and you get to create the lifestyle you really want to create, while of course making money along the way so let’s get into it and go over the game plan for this training.

In this video you’re going to discover

  • The 12 steps to creating your own killer online fitness program,
  • How to create your own program so you can train clients from anywhere in the world
  • Why now is the BEST time for you to start building your own program
  • A simple, step by step system for getting more leads and ultimately more clients into your fitness program and
  • The biggest mistake fitness professionals make when marketing their online fitness program and how you can avoid making this mistake.

Step # 1: Define Your Market

So let’s jump straight in and take a look at step number 1 which is all about defining your marketing for your online training program. Understanding your market and your ideal client is so important when it comes to creating your online fitness program as it will affect the type of client you attract, how you build your online program and how you sell to them.  Our aim here is to get deep into your prospects mind and figure out exactly what it is that they want.

The biggest mistake a lot of people face in any industry, but specifically the fitness industry is that people often create a massive disconnect with people who see their programs or their marketing material because their message is WAY too general. It doesn’t connect with the people who would take action and come and train with them. So that’s our main focus in this step.

You need to understand who your ideal client is and narrow in on what problems they have that you can help them solve. If you can solve people’s problems, that’s where success lies.

So ask yourself, who is your ideal client? Who are you making the program for? What goals do you want them to reach? So is it weight loss vs. fitness vs. strength or is it running a marathon? Also start to think about what their biggest problem is that you can help them solve. That’s step number 1.

Step # 2: Plan Content Style

Let’s take a look at step number 2 where we take a look at the type of content you want to create for your online program. It’s important to have a think about how you want to deliver the content to your clients and what will be the best mode of delivery to help them get the best results. It’s important to remember that everyone has different ways of learning. Some people like to read and go through things in their own time, so you can simply add text and images while others will benefit from seeing things in action through video. So make sure you keep this in mind when you’re creating your training material. If you don’t have time to create video files for all of your program then start with written instructions and create videos later on. Just remember that video is great for creating a point of difference and for allowing people to see your personality, so add it to the list to add to your program at some stage.

So, decide how you want to deliver your program, do you want to provide PDF documents, audio files, video files, screen recordings or interviews. Have a think about what resources you have available to create your program and then decide on the type of content you’re going to create.

So now we’ve covered step number 2, let’s move into step number 3 which is all about naming your fitness training program.

Step #3: Naming and Positioning Your Fitness Program

Naming your Fitness Program will be important so that it appeals to your target market and you want to think of something that people will find memorable. Branding and positioning is important and how you package you training program matters, but the name isn’t going to make or break its success. Choosing a name is the one thing that can really hold you back so don’t get stuck on this step. Pick a name and run with it.

Step #4: Delivering Your Online Program

Okay step 4 is all about How are you going to deliver your online training program. Are you going to do it via email or via an online portal. This is a really important thing to consider. Have a think about what will help your clients get the best results and how can you deliver the highest quality program without requiring an over investment in your time.

You can choose to deliver content simply via email, and automate the process when someone signs up, or you can create personalised emails for every client. Just keep in mind that if you personalise everything then you will get capped at a certain number of people you can add into your program. So, consider automating some parts and then personalising others. When you start to bring in automation, this will allow you to really scale and grow your online program.

Alternatively you can create your own online membership area (this is my favourite way of building online programs). In an online membership program you can put together all of your training material in one place and simply give clients login details to access all of the content and training videos. You can tailor a program specifically for them if you like, but giving them access to a training portal will really allow you to scale and attract more clients.

Step # 5: Pricing and Structure of Your Program

That wraps up step number 4, let’s now move on to step number 5 which is all about the structure and pricing of your training program, so it’s time to talk talk about the mula. How much do you want to charge for your training program and how do you want to structure it? There are several options you can take here. Do you want to deliver the program over a set number of weeks and charge a one time fee? Or, do you want to create a membership program which is ongoing and will be recurring/based on subscription? Both certainly have their pros and cons, but have a think about whether you want to work with people one off or you want to continue working with them into the future.

Step # 6: Plan Your Program

Next, let’s move on to step number 6 which all comes down to map out how you want your training program to work and it’s time to take some action to put it all together. Think about the content you want to provide and what content you will need to help your clients get the best results. Think about what you do with someone in person and see how much of that you can document and replicate this into either written or video based content. It’s here that you want to start thinking about pre training content that you want to create which will set people up for success with your program. The fitness programs you want to include, if it’s applicable the nutritional training and recipes you want to add and even the motivational and mindset videos that you want to include as well to really help people overcome any roadblocks that might be holding them back.

Step # 7: Creating Your Program

Okay next we’ve got step number 7 which is all about the action creation of your program. Now we’re up to the fun part, which is all based on the content you already know and love. It’s time to put together your training programs to help your clients get results. You can do this in written or video format depending on what you chose in step number 2. Just remember once you’ve created all of your content, outsource the editing and publishing of it to someone locally, or use an international outsourcing website. You don’t want to be sitting there editing videos for hours when you can easily outsource the work for $2-3 per video. This is also the part where you will need to create the backend of your online program so that you give people access to your program. This can be done using WordPress and by using some really powerful plugins. They will allow you to block content for those who aren’t paying members and allow you to have a special login area for all of your amazing members.

Step # 8: Promoting Your Online Program

Moving on to your next step – step 8, which is all about the promotion of your online program and getting it out there for the world to see.  A lot of people think, if I build it, then people will come and it just doesn’t work like that in the real world. Once you’ve built it, that’s when the party really starts and it’s time to get it out there through different marketing channels. I don’t have time to go over this in too much detail in this training video, but there’s a guide you can download underneath this video that has more information for you, but it’s in this step that you want to implement a three step system to start attracting people to your online program and that’s through the creation of a lead magnet, a landing page and an automated system to follow up. Again, this can take a bit of time to go through so make sure you download the free guide underneath this video and you can learn more about that.

Here’s a snapshot of one of our case study clients Natalie Gabb. This is what some of the elements of a highly successful promotional campaign for an online program looks like. This is made up of lead magnets, offers, fitness challenges, email automation, facebook ads etc. So when creating your marketing campaign, make sure you consider all of these steps. If you want to apply for our case study program and have us set all of this up for you, then CLICK here to find out more information.

Step # 9: Creating Your Sales Funnel

So step 9 is all about your sales funnel and getting people into your online program. When you create your sales page you need it to be dedicated solely to your online training program. You don’t want to have any navigation on the page – you simply want to have details about the program and you want to structure these details in a specific way.

  • You want to make sure you’re addressing the problem your ideal client has
  • You include what’s in the program,
  • Who it’s for,
  • How it can help them and
  • Some information about you as well.

You want to make sure you include images of yourself and what people will get access to and you will want to make sure that you integrate this with an online payment method as well, like paypal or stripe or your own payment gateway.

Step # 10: Find Your Ideal Clients

Okay so now we’ve got the program created and the sales funnel created we’ve got to get your amazing program in front of some people. There are a lot of free channels where you can do this where you can reach your own audience and then there are a lot of paid alternatives as well. Once you have setup your training program and you have a converting sales funnel (that you have already setup) then it’s simply about getting in front of as many people as possible. Just remember that you can always get in front of your target audience using paid advertising platforms, if you’ve got the budget for it. So start looking at Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, other health and fitness blogs, doing joint ventures or reaching out to niche specific blogs where your ideal client is likely to be.

Step # 11: Onboard Your New Clients

Okay, now it’s time for you to deliver on your promise and deliver your online training program. Before people get into the fun stuff, it’s important that you give people an idea of what to expect from your training program and how it’s going to work. To do this, you use a process called on-boarding. On-boarding your clients is really important to the success of an online program and for helping people to actually utilise and get results from your program, the last thing you want is for people to be overwhelmed or confused the minute they sign up.

The first experience people have with your service is really important as you’ve only got one chance to make a good first impression right? So, make it count. Put some time into welcoming your new clients and showing them how to ‘get started’. You can do this by creating a ‘get started video’ or by creating numerous emails that address some of the key things they will need to understand to get the best results.

Step # 12: Deliver Your Online Fitness Program

Okay, that now brings us to step number 12 which is the final step for you to go through. This all comes down to you launching your program and delivering your online program so your clients can start seeing amazing results. This is the part you truly love so you don’t need any of my help here. Get your program out there, start getting some feedback and testimonials and continue to build and make changes as you go.

There has never been a better time to create your own online fitness program. More and more people are moving towards online fitness programs and those that are molding a comprehensive fitness business model that incorporates the best of both worlds are the ones who are staying ahead of their competitors. So now, is the BEST time for you to create your own program so you have a strong competitive advantage.  That’s it. That’s your Ultimate 12 step guide to creating your own killer online fitness program. I hope this has been super valuable for you, let’s do a quick recap so you’ve got an action plan to move forward with.

So, now it’s your turn. Your action plan

  • Start thinking about who your ideal client is and who you want to create your program for
  • Decide on the type of content you want to create whether that’s PDF, Audio, Video etc.,
  • Start brainstorming some names for your program.
  • Think about what you want to charge for your program, whether you want to do a one off program or something that’s ongoing.
  • Start planning how you want to build the program
  • Focus on how you’re going to promote it
  • Build a lead generation and sales funnels to attract leads and clients.
  • Don’t forget to setup a system to welcome your new clients so they know where to start and don’t get overwhelmed
  • Launch it. Get it out there for the world to see.

Want to create your own online fitness program?

If you need any more guidance then please don’t hesitate to get contact me and I’d be more than happy to help. If you want a copy of these 12 steps then make sure you click the link below and I’ll send you a PDF copy of Ultimate 6 stage guide to creating your own online fitness program. If you liked this video then make sure you like it and share it with anyone you know who is thinking about creating their own online program. Thanks for joining me, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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